Daily Digressions & Music Musings

For the first post in the new year, Book on Tape Worm’s Shadow Puppets.

Thanks to @Sapient for the share.

Sunrise, Sunset

One year ago, I found myself continuously stumbling into more new music than I knew how to handle. I was overwhelmed with the realization of just how much there is to discover out there. This was my attempt to document some of the discovery and track some new favorite songs and artists. The goal was to post one song each day - a song that was new to me (not necessarily newly released in 2011 or 2012, but just new to me) or a song that I already enjoyed with an accompanying photo. Yesterday was the post that concluded this attempt successfully. 

It’s been a long, strange year but I’ve enjoyed this project. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey and some of the findings. I will continue to use this as a tracking source for new music, but I likely won’t add something new each day. I may also embark on a new project and share that with you soon. In the interim, feel free to join me at traveldigressions.wordpress.com for travel tips and previously documented, semi-incoherent thoughts about nothing in particular.

Thanks for joining me!

"if i forgot who i am, would you please remind me?"

-Rosi Golan featuring William Fitzsimmons, Hazy 

"i try to keep positive no matter the weather and no matter what. i’ll never say never."

-Unknown Prophets featuring Slug, Never 

"love is paradise."

-Wild Nothing, Paradise 

"i sleep so i can dream."

-Bop Alloy featuring Cise Star and Mr. SOS, Another Day In the Life 

"should you choose to go, please remember what you have learned."

-James Vincent McMorrow,  Sparrow and the Wolf

"when it’s all said and done…i’m raising the bar."

-Surreal and The Sound Providers, They Call Me 

"you brought out the best of me."

-Kodaline, All I Want 


-Kinichiro Nishimara featuring Pismo, Consider My Love 

"days of our lives are breezing by."

-Specifics, Take Me Back 

"on the road i dream of home and when at home, i dream of action."

-The Zolas, You’re Too Cool 

"told myself i’d take the higher road."

-Wooden Sky, When Lost At Sea 

"show me what you got."

-Jazz Spastiks featuring Rebels to the Grain, Yes, Yes 

"there is a heart in here."

-Little Green Cars, My Love Took Me Down To The River (To Silence Me)